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The Asia Pacific Scout Check (APSC) is coordinated by the Scout Check Council which comprises up to ten voluntary APSC members nominated and approved by the APSC membership.  The Scout Check Council annually elects a Chairperson from one of their number by a majority vote.

The APSC Chairperson, assisted by the APSC Secretary undertakes the following tasks:

  • In consultation with the South East Asian Petroleum Exploration Society (SEAPEX), selects the meeting dates and venue for the following year. If possible, the following year’s arrangements will be concluded prior to the October APSC meeting and communicated to the members’ representatives prior to the end of the year.

  • Informs the members’ representatives by e-mail about the date, time and location of the next APSC meeting. Therefore it is essential that members ensure that the APSC secretary has their current and up-to-date e-mail address.

  • Receiving requests to join the APSC and is responsible for presenting eligible applications to the other members for a vote at the next meeting. An application to join the APSC can be rejected by a majority vote from the existing members

  • Compiling a list of attendees and provide this to the other members at the meeting. A separate list of those expecting to attend the lunch will be provided to the host.

  • Provide the members with attendance records.

At any time three or more member companies of the APSC may request that the secretary and chairperson secretly poll the members outside of a regular meeting with regard to another member company being suspended from the APSC. These members should provide the secretary with the justification for such a request, and prior to any polling, the member concerned can correct or answer the issues raised against his company. A majority vote of more than half of all the current members is required before the secretary proposes suspension of the member concerned.

Members are requested to provide the APSC Chairperson and APSC Secretary with the names of:

  • Two or more contact representatives for communication purposes, their contact details (e.g. e-mail, fax and phone numbers), and their company website details, and to keep these updated.

  • Attendee(s) in a timely manner prior to each meeting.

Where attendance at a meeting is impossible, that member is requested to send the required number of activity reports to the APSC Secretariat prior to that meeting for distribution. If this deadline is missed, the member has up to one week to e-mail a report to the APSC Secretary for distribution. Costs for sending and picking-up activity reports to the meetings are the responsibility of the members concerned


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