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how to join Asia Pacific Scout Check

To be eligible to join the APSC, a company must operate or jointly operate at least one petroleum contract in any of the 22 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.  A company with petroleum contracts or offices in more than country may elect to have one or more memberships.  However, APSC members are encouraged to report in all of their regional activities if possible, irrespective of the number of memberships.

If an operator cannot send a representative to attend the meeting, it can designate a partner from a joint petroleum contract as its representative to attend the Scout Check.

Membership application should be made to the secretary of the Asia Pacific Scout Check. or

Membership approval is determined by a majority acceptance vote by members following which the member can participate in the regular meetings.

Asia Pacific Scout Check
20 Upper Circular Rd
The River Walk, Unit 01-06
Singapore 058 416

phone (65)6533 2988
fax (65) 6533 1886

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